Our Workouts

Our dynamic interval training classes are divided into multiple rounds of cardio and strength training. Each workout has a different focus and incorporates a variety of equipment to ensure that our training is innovative, challenging, and effective. Real-time progress is tracked through our heart rate technology, and each class is led by a master trainer. Cued lighting and inspiring music will keep you motivated and will allow you to push yourself beyond your limits. You will leave class burning hundreds of calories, ready to accomplish the next 23 hours of your day.

High Fives and Good Vibes

Anybody and everybody belongs at Solcioty. We are a community that supports, encourages and empowers everyone to achieve and improve, one workout at a time.

Our 60-minute interval training classes push your limits, fuel your hustle and feed your soul. Our master trainers create a dynamic environment, complete with music and lighting, that will give you the workout you've been waiting for.


Transform to a stronger, more toned you with innovative full body workouts


Create a stronger cardiovascular system efficiently


Feel energized, motivated, and accomplished


Improve flexibility and balance while preventing injuries

Hailey D
Member since 2018

"I tried working out at my home, but I struggled with accountability and pushing myself. I never thought “group fitness” would be my thing, but I have so enjoyed the group atmosphere!"

Marci B 2
7 Year Member

"Solcioty Fitness is not just for the young but is also great for the seniors. So get off the couch and join me there. I’m 77 and I have been a member for 7 years and it is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. It’s my happy, sweaty place."

Brittany M 2
Member since 2023

"I feel stronger on a daily basis and my body craves the workouts. You will be amazed at what your body can do. I look forward to that energy and community throughout my week."

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More Than a Workout

Strength and cardiovascular training are good for your body. Being in a strong community is good for your soul. The group training experience at Solcioty is effective and motivational. Our dynamic environment gives you support and encouragement to reach your goals.