The combination of our three workout formats is the secret to lasting results. Get stronger and leaner in a dynamic, upbeat environment while tracking your results in real time.


Increase power and muscular strength in our LIFT workouts. Floor exercises will utilize a variety of strength training equipment and will focus on more resistance and fewer repetitions. Targeting and isolating muscle groups increases a muscle's capacity to exert more force with each movement. This will make you stronger, build lean muscle mass to burn more calories, and improve functional ability. When you are on the cardio floor, expect more time on the rowers and bikes, but don't be surprised to end up on the treadmill once in a while against the incline of a hill.


Our Lean workouts are designed with the goal of increasing your cardiovascular capacity and working toward achieving and maintaining a lean physique. Floor exercises will involve multi-joint, compound movements, higher repetitions with resistance equipment, and short bursts of core-engaging and high energy exercises. During the cardio portion of LEAN workouts, the majority of your time will be on the treadmill to increase muscular and aerobic endurance and give you that ultimate cardio burn. Along with LIFT and SCULPT classes, you will build a lean and functional body.


The perfect combination of strength and endurance for total body conditioning. A vital key to being in optimal shape is variety. Our bodies benefit from being continuously introduced to different workout formats. SCULPT workouts do just that by providing the cardio, resistance, core, balance and flexibility training necessary for overall fitness. SCULPT workouts will help fine-tune your efforts in LIFT and LEAN classes and can take your results to the next level!

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