Solcioty is an empowering community where you are encouraged, supported, and rewarded. We put our community first, and are owned and operated by Columbus-area natives, Matt and Tamara Garner. Our one-hour classes are customized for every fitness level, age, and goal type. This multi-sensory class led by our master trainers will keep you motivated with cued lighting and inspiring music to make you push yourself beyond your limits. You will leave this class burning hundreds of calories ready to accomplish the next 23 hours of your day.


This 60-minute dynamic interval training class is divided into multiples rounds of cardio and resistance training all while tracking your progress in real-time with our heart rate technology. Each workout had a different focus to target and tone while in pirating a vast variety in equipment that allows the workout to be ever changing and challenging. You will be running, rowing, riding, jumping, pushing, pulling, tightening, toning, and recovering. Our dynamic workout is never the same and never repeated.